Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weapon From The Devils Tomb


October 2010
The AJNA Offensive                                                                    

I was one of those people who had initially heard of this band through word of mouth and a few select interrogations in various zines both published and otherwise.So when i was finally able to secure a copy of the Canadian bands debut long player Drakonian Paridigm I was initially underwhelmed,but after several listens,i to worshipped at the alter of weapon.So saying that my expectations for their newest slab of orthodox devil worship were high would be an understatement.From the devils tomb opens with the title track which in my opinion is one of the best tracks on this album.The slow dirge of the opening riff sets up for a spiral into blackened death madness which happened so frequently on their last album sets the album up very nicely,vocalist monarch's prayers to Satan are very fitting but surprisingly low in the mix which is one if not the only low points of the album.Furor Divinus is an utterly savage track and 1 of my favorites on the album.The production on this record is slightly less"produced" then the debut which adds a lot to the songs and arrangements.The lyrics are also amazing,some of the best i have ever read and obviously very well researched and thought out.The instrumental track "lefthandpathyoga" is an very nice change with acoustic guitars in this instrumental track are brilliant!!!But probably the my personal favorite song on this record is the "The Inner Wolf" with it furious mid paced riffs and ghoulish atmosphere,along with some of the best drumming in the underground!!The chanting in this song fucked up my soul.While this album is defiantly more death metal in theory,there are several melodic moments and traces of the early Greek scene spread through out the album.Bottom line is that this album is without a doubt one of the years top 10 best records and if you haven't got this or have not heard the first album you need to get it now or die a poser douche bag!!!!Hail weapon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review by:B.S.O.G.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Full-length, Moribund Records
November 9th, 2010

So after 5 very long years the demonic beast known as Sargeist has returned to crush all in it's path. LET THE DEVIL IN no doubt is a long awaited release by those in the black metal underground, especially this scribe. Empire Of Suffering opens up the album in traditional fashion, loud, fast and raw as hell!! Torag's vocals are vicious and uncompromising and there is even a little variety to his voice. A lot of people maybe got on this band for their earlier works being Darkthrone clones, but this record certainly sees the band easing away from that and finding itself. While most of the album goes by at a furious pace, with Shatraug riffing like a madman. While most may see this record as a repetition of disciples or satanic black devotion, there are plenty of subtle differences that make this record a bit of a progression, for example the third track FROM THE BLACK COFFIN LAIR moves along at a slower more depressive pace which breaks up the blasting fury and gives the listener a break before the punishment begins again on BURNING VOICE OF ADORATION hits you with the typical Sargeist sound. The band is more and more sounding like a nice mix of the members other projects which in my opinion is a good thing. So the bottom line is this is a very good but not great piece of satanic Finnish black metal that should push Sargeist into the upper ranks amongst their countrymen. No reinventing the wheel,but a solid release nonetheless.

Review by B.S.O.G