Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DEVASTATOR "The Summoning" - Review.


These fucking maniacs have been around since 2004, and this their 5th album. Thorgrimm picked this up in New Jersey when Gravehill played the New Jersey Death Fest back in Oct '09. And now I have my dirty fucking hands on it! Let's go back to 1983. That is what Devastator sounds like, Hellhammer/Deathstrike influenced Metal Of Death. Of course there is a huge Venom influence. But this is fucking awesome. Everything from the drum sound, to the guitars, to the vocals are old school as fuck! "The Summoning(A Thousand And One Nights)" starts the ancient death ritual off. FUCKING AWESOME total Venom/Motorhead attack! "Evil Spirts" is next with it's great high pitched scream at the start. This is a bit faster speed metal/death style banger. "Four Emperors" starts off with killer mid paced riff that reminds me of classic Slayer "Show No Mercy", before going into a total Sarcofago/old Destruction riff part. Fuck these guys are killing me and reminding me of smoking Marlboro Reds, drinking Thunderbird and Budweisers, smoking schwag weed and doing some coke in the back of the liquor store instead of going to school. Wait, what the fuck did you fuckers do? NEVER MIND! BAHAHAHA. But playing on the ghettoblaster behind that liquor store would be Devastator! If that gets the point across! "The Curse Of Fire" has yet another classic riff that gets all Sarcofago on your ass at the start before going into a great mid paced, one/two part. "Necromantical Sleep" has a great, creepy intro guitar riff that turns fast banger, Hellhammer fast banger style. "Goetia" is next up and is another classic speed/black/thrash banger. The guitar solo interplay in the middle is awesome! "Living Creatures Of The Apolcalypse(The Sacrifice)" is the last song. Great fast as fuck banger with this one. Might be my favorite song on the album! Overall this is a classic. Anyone into that olden sound of Hellhammer, Deathstrike, old German Death/Thrash, old Sarcofago, old Venom and "Show No Mercy" by Slayer (which SHOULD BE MOST OF YOU!) will love these fuckers! Old Cemetery Records put this out. They are a great, rising label to watch out for that does quite a bit of this killer style so keep an eye out. Devastator fucking rule so go get this NOW!

Review By: Mike Abominator    10/10


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